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I know everyone is ready to pass the ball all over the court and to take advantage of the actions that come as a result. Many of you start with this layer. Here’s a reminder why we start with dribbling actions.

I guess you’re thinking, “Why did he take so long to get here?” This weirdo spent forever on dribbling and then took another lifetime on one passing action. He’s just now getting to multiple passing actions. You’re thinking it’s not that hard to make a few passes while players cut and fill. I know it’s not. Maybe it’s all overkill. You don’t have to follow every single step in the progression. You know your team. You know how much time you have. Most of us don’t have time to go “step-by-step.”

Here’s my point. Don’t complain that your players won’t cut when they pass. Don’t complain that your players won’t jump to the ball on the pass. Don’t complain to me that your players won’t rotate on the drive. Don’t complain that you don’t have enough drills to provide variety in practice. There are so many possibilities and so many different ways to teach the same concepts on both sides of the ball. If your players get it, then move on to more layers, more concepts, and more actions. If they don’t, take one or two or seventeen of the building blocks, build a drill, teach it, and rep it until they get it.

There are more tools in the toolbox than we may ever use. We should never complain that we don’t have enough tools. They are all right in front of us.

Off the soapbox and on to multiple actions.

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