What Did You Get Better At Today?

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It’s always time to get better.  Lots of teams are starting pre-season workouts this time of year.  Many high schools and colleges are allowed to work with their teams in some fashion up until official practice actually begins.  There are all sorts of different philosophies regarding how these workouts should function.

Should players workout individually so that players can get 1 on 1 attention?

Should they workout in small groups to allow competition but at the same time maximize repetition?

Should they workout as a team?

Should they be focused on shooting, ball handling, defense, screening, team concepts, or maybe other intangible qualities like competitiveness?

Of course there is no right answer all the time. Each coach has to answer that question for themselves and their team. However, there is one question that every team and each player on that team should be able answer each day.

What did you get better at today?

Being able to say that “I” or “WE” got better at something is a big deal.  It builds confidence.  It builds the feeling of “I CAN” or “WE CAN” be successful. Was the player or team successful in completing the workout?  Or did they actually get better at something?  Does the coach know that they got better at something?  Do the players know they got better at something?

I’m not sure how many things you can get better at in one day. I don’t think you can get better at everything in one day.  So then how many things can you get better at in one day?  Are you willing to commit to getting better at something with the understanding you might not work at all on something else?

If your players know for sure that they improved at something today, tomorrow’s workout could be more fun.  If that feeling becomes habitual, you could end up having a pretty exciting experience.

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