Holding Shoot-around in Pre-Game Warm-up

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December 9, 2012

This blog post was going to be purely a story, but I decided I should turn it into a something that might help you out as well.

Our pre-game warm-up is basically a condensed version of a shoot-around.  I’m not sure how many of you actually have time for these types of “practices.”  You know, the kind where you come in the gym for 45 minutes or an hour, shoot a bunch of shots, run through your offenses, and go home?

Well that’s what we do for our pre-game warm-up.  We do our dynamic stretching routine and break a sweat with some light running.  Then we go through a series of 2 on 0 drills so players can handle the ball, pass, shoot, and finish, as well as work on the offensive reactions.  Then we combine actions 5 on 0 and shoot some free throws.  It’s pretty simple, nothing fancy, but the players can get the basketball part done in about 30 minutes.

Well, in a recent game, we were going through our warm-up.  The opposing coach was drawing up our actions on a board.  The coach then pulled the team in and showed them “our offense.”  I spent the next few minutes struggling to keep my composure.  If they only knew….

I love the fact that we can combine actions in a 5 on 0 setting in front of the other team’s bench before the game. We will show you exactly what we’re going to do.  The thing is that it will never be the same, ever. Even more, the combination of actions that we show in pre-game may never happen in the real game.

We know what we’re doing, because we do it every day, even though we may have never done it before.  Isn’t that fun?

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