Post Pass – Whole II

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5 players unlimited actions (permanent post)

Time to put it all together. With the inclusion of multiple actions in the previous section, you might say we’ve already done that.  Well kinda.  All of the previous building blocks started with the post entry.  Now we want to mix it up with everything else. This whole part can be executed in a 4 out 1 in alignment or a 3 out 2 in alignment.

Players can execute any of the previous layers in any combination.  In one possession, they may leave out one action while repeating another action over and over.  It is up to the coach to determine which restrictions if any are placed on the players.

 This completes the foundational layers of the offense.  Should we have a parade?  I think not. Partially because there’s so much more to write about these layers.  There’s so much more to dig into.  

This will be enough for many teams to compete at a high level. It also gives coaches numerous fundamental skills and concepts to teach their players on both sides of the ball.  Especially at youth levels, players need to be taught how to play.  These first 100 posts provide more than enough sophistication and variety to keep players engaged and teach them how to play the game.  

There is always a tendency to want to out coach the next team.  Let’s worry less about out coaching, and worry more about out teaching.

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