Practice #1

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Message of the day:  It matters.

5 Dynamic Warm Up Player led warmup
10 Conditioning 2 groups, 10 full court sprints, 10 far free throw line sprints, stationary ball handling for nonrunning group
3 5 on 0 Attack Dribble (5 out)  General Intro of single action
3 5 on 5 Shell (Intro)  No movement, basic positions and principles
2 Stretch & Water be at half court by the buzzer
3 Hustle Drill 2 lines going each way.  Throw the ball towards out of bounds.  Player must save it to O who finishes with power layup on the other end.
5 Ballhandling & On Ball Defense 1 trip w/out ball, 1 trip w/ ball, ball pressure (Crossover, Btw Legs, Behind Back)
5 2 on 0 Drive & Kick Attacker Finishes, Receiver gets pass from 3rd line
5 3 on 1 Drive and Kick D on ball, O can score or kick out.  If O kicks, Receiver shoots.  D must box out.
6 Guard/Post Guards 5 spot shooting, Posts (Mikan, Reverse Mikan, & Superman Drill)
5 Ballhandling & On Ball Defense same as before except now D must closeout to O.  On command O will take 1 dribble.  D must stay in front.
5 2 on 1 (offensive emphasis) Defender guard receiver, bluffs help to force kick out.  Offensive player shoots
6 2 on 1 (defensive emphasis) Same as above except defender must now closeout to shooter. Use both sides of the floor on both ends.
6 2 on 2 Full Court Receiver must stay behind the ball.  Defense must not allow middle penetration.  Defenders must be up the line and on the line. O does not score.
6 Guard/Post Guards (Penetrate/Kick, Reverse Pivot, Closeout to 1 on 1)  Posts (War in the lane)
5 3 on 2 Ball on wing, receivers on opposite top and wing spots, D guards receivers.  O drives baseline.  Baseline D helps.  Other D drops.  O kicks to either of the Receivers who have rotated.  D must close out.  Now 2 on 2 live.
3 Hustle Drill same as above except roll the ball so players must dive and save it
5 Ballhandling & On Ball Defense same as above
5 2 on 1 (defensive emphasis) same as above
5 3 on 2 same as above
5 5 on 5 Elimination 5 on 5 in 5 out spots.  All players with ball must attack.  All players without ball must rotate. Whenever a player passes they are off along with their defender.  Offense can shoot at any time.  Whenever a shot goes up, whomever is left on the court rebounds.  It could get down to 1 on 1.  Offense scores, they win.  Defense gets deflection, steal, or rebound, they win.

This was a pretty intense practice. The only dead moments were when we were teaching a skill or a drill. Lots of good teaching going on. Now that we’ve done the drills, we should be able to progress faster.

Circle Movement went pretty well.  Of course there were no other options, so that’s all players had to focus on.  We’ll see what happens when we add Dribble-At.  That will be the true test.  And of course when they are really allowed to go live.

We still need so much work defensively. We have players who can score. Overall, we rebounded fairly well today. We just have to guard the ball better. We have to. We don’t have a choice. We have to closeout better.  We have to defend the ball.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

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