Practice #2

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Message of the Day:  It Still Matters

5 Dynamic Warm Up Player led warmup
10 Conditioning 2 groups, 10 full court sprints, 10 far free throw line sprints, stationary ball handling for nonrunning group
2 Stretch & Water be at half court by the buzzer
12 Stations Closeouts, On Ball Defense, 1 on 1 moves
5 2 on 1 (defensive emphasis) Defender guard receiver, bluffs help to force kick out.  Defender recovers and closesout into 1 on 1.
5 Ballhandling & On Ball Defense 1 trip w/out ball, 1 trip w/ ball, ball pressure (Crossover, Btw Legs, Behind Back)
5 Guard/Post Guards (Circle Movement Shooting)/Post (Finishing)
6 Zig Zag Teach and Drill recovery
5 2 on 2 Full Court Receiver must stay behind the ball.  Defense must not allow middle penetration.  Defenders must be up the line and on the line.
5 Ballhandling & On Ball Defense 1 trip w/out ball, 1 trip w/ ball, ball pressure (Crossover, Btw Legs, Behind Back)
5 3 on 2 Ball on wing, receivers on opposite top and wing spots, D guards receivers.  O drives baseline.  Baseline D helps.  Other D drops.  O kicks to either of the Receivers who have rotated.  D must close out.  Now 2 on 2 live.
3 3 on 3 Elimination same as 5 on 5 elimination, starting with 3 players
3 Post Slides 2 on 0 1 action Ball on wing, player in mid post.  Drive either way, post must react to ball
4 Post Slides 2 on 0 2 actions Two lines at slots. Every other player with a ball.  Drive and kick in direction of the receiver.  Receiver drives again.  Iniital attacker must react to the drive.
3 4 on 3 Same as 3 on 2 exept new players are at slot.  New offensive player will be the safety.  New defensive player will have to sprint to help on the pass.
3 4 on 4 Elimination
5 5 on 5 Elimination
5 Guard/Post 1 on 1 moves
5 5 on 5 Change Drill 5 on 5 starting from the tip.  Whenever the whistle blows, the O must put the ball down and get back on D.

Mentally we weren’t as good today.  As a result, we weren’t as good physically either.  However, I think we might have gotten better defensively.  I saw people closeout successfully.  It doesn’t mean we were perfect.  I think we might have gotten better.

We will see how tomorrow goes.

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