Practice #3

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Message of the Day: It Still Matters

5 Dynamic Warm Up Player led warmup
10 Conditioning 2 groups, 10 full court sprints, 10 far free throw line sprints, stationary ball handling for nonrunning group
2 Stretch & Water be at half court by the buzzer
15 Stations Closeouts, On Ball Defense, 1 on 1 moves
5 Ballhandling With & without a ball, sideline to sideline.  Cross, btw legs, behind back
5 Guard/Post Attack dribble shooting, emphasis on stationary 1 on 1/finishing
4 Post Slides 2 on 0 2 actions Guards (Circle Movement Shooting)/Post (Finishing)
Intro Dribble At
3 2 on 0 Dribble At Top/Wing on each side
5 2 on 0 Dribble At O has choice
5 2 on 2 Full Court Must try to split the D
15 Stations Closeouts, Zig Zag, 1 on 1
5 2 on 1 Defender off ball (Attack or Dribble At)
5 3 on 2 Ball on wing, receivers on opposite top and wing spots, D guards receivers.  O drives baseline.  Baseline D helps.  Other D drops.  O kicks to either of the Receivers who have rotated.  D must close out.  Now 2 on 2 live.
3 3 on 3 Elimination Same rules as 5 on 5 elimination from day 1
5 4 on 3 Same as 3 on 2 exept new players are at slot.  New offensive player will be the safety.  New defensive player will have to sprint to help on the pass.
4 4 on 4 Elimination Same rules as 5 on 5 elimination from day 1
5 5 on 5 Elimination Same rules as 5 on 5 elimination from day 1
5 Guard/Post 1 on 1 moves
5 5 on 5 Change Drill 5 on 5 starting from the tip. On switch, the O must put the ball down and get back on D.

After a not so great practice in which we might have gotten better anyway, the team came back really strong in Day 3.  Our on ball defense is getting better.  I think we have a chance to actually be a decent defensive team.

The closeout work was really good.  They were challenged, and tried to respond.  Maybe they didn’t always succeed, but they wanted it, and they worked for it. We must keep pushing to improve.

We have small details to clean up in the Dribble At action.  But I think they have the general idea now.  It’s just a matter of hammering out the little things.

2 on 2 Full Court was electric.  There was some really good competition on both sides of the ball.

5 on 5 Change Drill was interesting.  We still have work to do when it comes to conditioning.

Today is a new day.  We’ll see what happens.

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