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Spending the last week at Tampa at the Women’s Final Four was a great experience. There was plenty of learning going on about offense, defense, recruiting, and numerous other topics. Tons of information was presented to make any program better if we choose to use it, but that’s not the reason it was a great experience.

Let’s be honest. We’ve heard most of that information before. Was there any presentation that was earth shattering? Did a coach drop knowledge that was so completely new and innovative that every program who attended will be doing things in a radically different way next season? Not really.

Compare the information from conventions over the last 5 years with the one in Tampa. The lessons from all of these presentations are pretty comparable. It’s always good to hear things again. It’s always good to have topics reinforced over and over.  Sometimes that’s the only way to get it through the thick skulls of coaches. We are some of the more stubborn people out there. Let’s be honest though; a lot of the presentations are a rehash of the previous years.

Part of what made the Final Four a great experience was the meaningful relationships that were fostered. Some of them were new relationships that were forged. Others were existing relationships that were made even stronger.

Even that’s not the true value though. The real value is in the fact that I realized I need to do a better job fostering a relationship with God. If I commit to having a good relationship with Him, then everything else will take care of itself.

I have a great relationship with my wife, but just imagine if it was better?  I have great relationships with family and friends. What if I could have better relationships with them too? I could have the Final Four experience every day. Isn’t that what life is about? Is it about drills, or recruiting or strategies? Is it about “moving up”?

Or is it about relationships? And not just superficial surface level relationships.Those leave you wondering what you’re missing out on. Some of them don’t even give you that much curiosity.  It’s the deep and meaningful ones that matter. It starts with a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God. That is the answer. Now it’s time to get to work.



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