Attack Dribble: Defensive Fundamentals

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  • 1 on 1 defense
    Good on ball defenders make playing defense off the ball easy.  Regardless of the defensive philosophy, the ball must be guarded.  Preferably, only one person is needed to defend the ball.  Teams must work on their one on one defense.  Again how you decide to guard the ball is up to you.  There are a variety of different techniques that coaches use in defending the ball. At the end of the day, players must be taught to guard the player with the ball. If teams can’t defend the ball handler, they are going to struggle. This layer provides a great framework for working on 1 on 1 defense.  Not to mention, that good defense will force the offense to improve.
  • Closeouts
    The closeout may be the most difficult skill to perform on the basketball court.  Yet, it is paramount to playing good defense. Many players can defend the ball handler, if they can keep the ball handler contained initially. Teaching players to closeout is important to “stop the bleeding.” If the bleeding isn’t stopped, it becomes harder for teams to recover and easier for teams to score.  This layer provides numerous options for working on closeouts in different ways and from different angles.
  • Help and Recover
    Eventually, the on ball defender is going to get beat.  Defining and drilling how your team helps on penetration is crucial.  Again there are a number of different ways to do this. At this point, the philosophy is irrelevant. We must recognize that it must be taught. The Attack Dribble layer provides numerous ways to drill this defensive fundamental.
  • Rotations on penetration
    Once someone helps, everyone else must rotate and help the helper.  Defining how this is done and then drilling it is important. Guess what?  You can do it all from the Attack Dribble layer.
  • Taking Charges
    There’s no need to repeat myself.  It’s all tied together with a nice little ribbon called the Read & React.
  • Rebounding
    Everytime a shot goes up, box out.  It’s pretty straight forward, but it must be emphasized.  Your players will shoot a lot during these drills. It’s a good opportunity to teach rebounding.

There are obviously a lot of details that have been left out of this section. There could be whole blogs on each of these topics individually. There are tons of books and movies and drill to discuss these topics. Maybe I’ll expound on those topics at some point. For now, I just want to point out 3 things:

  1. All these defensive skills relate to this layer directly.
  2. All these defensive skills can be taught and drilled with this one layer.
  3. Great players have most, if not all of these skills.

Now it’s time to teach Circle Movement, starting with the WHOLE picture…

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