Dribble-At: Defensive Points of Emphasis

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  • 1 on 1 defense
    This is a good opportunity to build confidence and aggressiveness in player’s on-ball defense.  Players must learn how to make things difficult for the ball handler without taking chances.
  • 1 pass away defense and the backdoor cut
    Defenders off the ball must learn how to defend the backdoor cut.  This is also a good way to teach defenders when to help and when not to help. Players must master this technique in order to able to defend back screens. Again the techniques and philosophies are up to the coach.
  • Introduction to post defense
    Coaches may choose to take this action to teach post defense for players who start defending on the perimeter and try to post up after a cut.  The post up action has not been taught yet.  However, these building blocks provide different opportunities for players to be able to learn different skills and techniques as they go.
  • Introduction to help-side defense
    Players must also learn how to play defense once a player finishes their cut and are more than 1 pass away.  This includes being in position to help on other actions that might occur.
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