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A. 2 offensive players 1 action

Locate 2 players in 2 of the perimeter spots.  The player with the ball dribbles at their teammates outside the “Read Line”.  The player, who was dribbled at, must cut backdoor as soon as they recognize that the ball handler is dribbling at them.  The cutter must be in an athletic position at all times and must cut in a straight line with no wasted movement.  The ball handler must make the correct pass with the appropriate hand and must learn to recognize quickly when the player is open.  In this drill, the ball handler only has one option, which makes the action predictable. Once the basics of the drill are understood, the predictability will be removed in upcoming drills by giving the ball handler the option to perform a Attack or Dribble-At action.  This will help build quick reactions of the players without the ball.

B. 2 offensive players 1 defender 1 action

We worked on guarding the Attack Dribble, and while the Dribble-At is less threatening, it’s just as important.  It’s still important to guard the ball.  It’s still important to pressure the ball.  It’s still important to make it difficult for the ball handler to see any passing opportunities.  It’s still important to not let the ball handler turn the corner. It’s still important to teach and play on ball defense. Oh by the way, it will make the ball handler better too.

It’s also important to guard the cutter. Just like in any other building block, the emphasis is up to the coach. Defending backdoor cuts is important.  The technique being taught is up to the coach. This is a great opportunity to drill that technique.

The ball handler is also learning how to determine if the cutter is open or not and how to deliver a pass to them if they are.

C. 2 offensive players 2 defenders 1 action

Here we’re putting the 2 on 1 building blocks together. Coaches may not find significant value in this building block yet. However, it’s going to become a very useful tool very shortly.

D. 3 offensive players 1 action or 2 actions

Locate 3 players in 3 of the perimeter spots.  The drill works the same as the previous drill. This is another opportunity to emphasize the fundamentals of the skills.  Initially In this drill, the ball handler has the option of which direction to go but must execute the Dribble-At action.  Similarly to the 2-player drill, the predictability of the ball handler will be removed in upcoming drills by giving the ball handler the option to perform an Attack or Dribble-At action in either direction.

Coaches can have players with out the ball located adjacent to each other.  This will help players more than one pass away learn to stay in their spot on the Dribble-At action. The ball handler can Dribble At both players if the coach would like get more repetitions of the action.

If players are on either side of the ball handler, coaches can have players perform back to back Dribble At actions. This can help build the reaction for players as well as teach the ball handler to keep their dribble alive if the initial cutter isn’t open. Back to back Dribble-At actions can be used in game situations to catch overly aggressive defenses off guard.

D. 3 offensive players 1 defensive player 1 or 2 actions 

This building block can help train on ball or off ball defenders to remain in proper defensive position as the ball moves.  The focus of the drill may not be defense, but it can’t hurt to have extra players on the court while an action or skill is being drilled.  It will keep players involved and helps to build the WHOLE picture.

I don’t know that building blocks of just the Dirbble-At action with more offensive or defensive players makes that big of a difference.

But the fun is just beginning…..

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