Dribble-At: Whole

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A.  5 players 1 action

Locate 5 players in the 5 perimeter spots.  Even if you do not plan to use a 5 out alignment, it is useful to use this alignment to show this perimeter only action. Have the player with the ball dribble at one of their teammates.  The player, who was dribbled-at, cuts backdoor and the other players fill the open spots. The cutter fills the newly opened spot.  Encourage the ball handler to keep their dribble alive and have them dribble-at another player. This can be another player in the same direction or the ball handler  can execute a change of direction dribble and dribble-at someone else.  This is only used to show how this layer can be used in its most basic form.  Specific techniques and details can be covered in the breakdown drills that are to follow.

4 out 1 in and 3 out 2 in alignments can be used.  However, the presence of permanent post players can lead to questions and confusion. Until permanent post players are added to the progression, it’s best to make everyone a perimeter player.

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