We Do. They Do. We Are. They Are.

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Do we enjoy what we do?
Are we smart about our lives?
Do we work hard to get better everyday?
Are we prepared for practice?
Do we hold ourselves accountable?
Are we passionate about what we do?
Do we accept responsibility for failure?
Are we scared to fail?
Do we hold ourselves accountable?
Are we confident in our abilities?
Do we love?
Are we a team?
Do we share praise?
Are we in?
Do we make smart decisions off the court?
Are we process oriented?
Do we have a next play mentality?
Are we in shape?
Do we roll our eyes?
Are we determined?
Do we sacrifice?
Are we committed?
Do we compete?
Are we going the extra mile?
Do we challenge each other?
Are we realistic with ourselves?
Do we manage our time?
Are we focused?

This list of questions is by no means comprehensive. Don’t we ask our players similar questions? We answer those questions every day in our words and actions.

Are our own answers what we would expect from our players?

Are we honest in our self-evaluations?

Yes or no isn’t enough.

Almost always?
Hardly Ever?

If we do, they do. If we are, they are.

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