Why Would I Fill Out?

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Before we get so caught up in “WHAT’S NEXT,” we shouldn’t forget that filling out is an option.  Why would I fill out?  Because it’s simple.  Because it’s easy.  Because it’s thoughtless.  Or at least less thought than other actions.

We’ve been training players through the foundational layers to just fill out.  This is a good habit that some players may not want to break.  That’s fine.  This will help the offense maintain spacing and continuity.  Here are some rationales for just “filling out.”

I can get to the perimeter and be ready to react. Maybe I’m a shooter and I want to want to be able to get an open 3 when my teammate drives.  Maybe I’m a creator and I want to get back to the perimeter so I can get the ball back and make a play.  Maybe I don’t have a good understanding of my other options yet.  I just need something simple to do so that I can focus on doing what I am good at.  Maybe we’re just trying to run clock and we don’t need anything complicated.  Maybe I don’t have any other good options right now.

I would be interested in other reasons to “fill out.”  There’s nothing wrong with it.  It provides spacing and continuity of movement.  Both of these qualities end up being pretty critical to good offense. You may decide that you always want certain players to fill out.  That’s fine.  Nothing will break.  However, you’re a basketball coach.  You are ready for a little flavor.  Let’s spice things up a bit.

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