Hoops College 3 on 3 Basketball

What: Hoops College 3 on 3 Basketball

Who: Hoops College Members Only

When: If You Know, You Know

All players will receive 10-15 minutes of instruction prior to their first game.

All teams will play at least 2 games per day.

3 on 3 League Rules

Here are some questions we’ve been asked.

1. If there aren’t any coaches, how does playing time work?

We aren’t going to mandate that everyone plays the same amount.  But we will make sure everyone gets to play.  We will have substitutions every 5 minutes.  The older kids will substitute themselves.  Hoops College staff will help with the younger ones. With only 6 kids per team, it will be pretty easy to make sure everyone’s playing. If we notice that one kid is constantly getting left out, we’ll address it ourselves.  

2. How do I make a team?

Just call up a few of your friends.  They don’t have to be enrolled in our training.  They can be anyone.  If someone on your team can only be there 3 out of the 4 weekends, it’s ok. If you need an extra player, we’ll ask a player on another team to play with you for one weekend. 

3. Which group will I play with if I have different age players on my team?

Your team will play in the group of your oldest player with this caveat.  If we notice that one team is way too superior to the other teams in that bracket or if another team isn’t going to have a chance against those teams, we will switch the teams into a bracket that is appropriate for their skill level.  Yes we will have winners in each bracket, but this is supposed to be fun for everyone. Not everyone will get a trophy or a prize, but we want it to be enjoyable win or lose.