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COVID-19 Update

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Dear Hoops College Member:
On March 11, we last communicated with you that Hoops College would be continuing to conduct normal operations at our training facility. As a result of recent government decisions, we are temporarily closing the doors on our facility. We are excited to reopen but we will not set a date until we are sure that there will be no issues. Instead, we will remain in contact with you about things as the situation progresses. Once we have clarity on the re-opening timeline, we will communicate those details accordingly and schedule any make-up classes.

My vision for Hoops College always included an online curriculum. We will still conduct all of our online programs with regard to evaluations, recruiting, and consultations. The online skills training part of Hoops College is still a work in progress. Creating an experience that closely mimics being in the gym with us is a very large and complicated project. For us, it’s not enough to just post a bunch of videos and say good luck. We want to teach, engage and share our passion for the game.

However, we miss working with you and while we might not be able to work with you in person, we still want to continue to be a resource for you. We firmly believe that basketball should be fun, but it’s fun because you can see yourself improving. Basketball is something that you can get better at just by playing at home. You don’t have to come to our facility or anyone else’s to play the game. You don’t nee a coach around all of the time either.

At this point, we have hundreds of videos of basketball content that you or your child can perform at home. We are consistently growing this library and this is giving us more time to expand on that. We have not released these videos publicly yet as we are working on organizing them in a way that is easy to understand.

In the meantime, we would like to invite you to join our private Facebook group where we will share some of this content with you along with detailed instructions. Sometimes, players will need a ball. Other times, they won’t need any equipment at all. We will encourage participants to record what they do and share it in the group. We want to give them a place to share their achievements, compete with each other, connect with their old friends and make new ones. Basketball is a game brings many people from many different backgrounds together and this is just another reason we love the game.

Below is a link to our group. Please join, engage and make this your community and your experience. We are excited to see you again soon and we hope everyone is safe!

Hoops College Facebook Group

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