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Level Up

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An experience that will change your life on and off the court.

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Hoops College is different.

The Level Up program will expose you to basketball in a way that very few can replicate.  We provide high level detailed instruction in a highly competitive environment. Players who are serious about their game enjoy the environment and only wish they had worked with us sooner.

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Come get the basketball experience of a lifetime.

What Happens at Level Up

Not all work is good. But, good work, WORKS.

With over 40 years of combined experience coaching and teaching the game of basketball; Hoops College knows what it takes to take your game to the level that you want. 

We have worked with professional players, college players, international players, high school players and youth. We have played and coached at the NCAA-D1 levels and know the business of basketball in a very unique way. 

We are obsessed with helping our athletes get better and taking their game to the level that they want. We know telling players the truth is not normal, but we believe truth is love. 

What the experience includes: 

  • Safe housing
  • Home cooked meals
  • Transportation 
  • Basketball skill workouts
  • Basketball strength workouts
  • Basketball shooting workouts
  • Film Study
  • Visit local universities & colleges
  • Access to online recruiting course

When: May, June, July 2024

Where: Charlotte, NC

Limited spots available. Contact today to schedule a WhatsApp session to answer all of your questions. 

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Level Up

$ 1250 Weekly
  • Get Better More Than Ever

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$ 4000 Monthly
  • Get Better More than Ever

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Come get the basketball experience of a lifetime.

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