Do you have questions about Hoops College? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. See the list below for our most frequently asked questions (FAQs). If your question isn’t listed here, then please contact us through our chat. We’ll respond as soon as we can.
I didn't know Hoops College even existed.
We’ve been in our current location since March 2021. Before that we had a much smaller place in Concord. Our current location gives us no limitations in our ability to help players improve.
What age players do you work with?
We work with kids as young as 4 and as old as 30+. We don’t care how old you are. We just want to help you improve.
What services do you offer?
Basketball training in small groups or individually
Strength and conditioning specific for basketball players
Shooting Machine
Nutrition Counseling
Recruitment Counseling
3 on 3
Is this all you do?
Yes and yes. This is not a side hustle or a hobby. We aren’t trying to get the next job or ride someone to success. We’ve coached at every college level. We’ve won national championships. We have lived the dream. Now we want to help others live theirs. So if we’re not in the gym working with athletes, we’re trying to learn everything we can about what we can do the next time we are in the gym.
Can I play on a team with Hoops College?
From what we can see, there are too many players playing on teams and not enough players working on their game. If you’re good enough, you’ll have teams begging you to come and play for them. Even better, you won’t pay a dime for it. If we have teams, we won’t have tryouts. You’ll be invited, or you won’t.
Don't I need to play on a team so that I know if the training is working?
We build competition into our training sessions. You’ll be able to see quickly if you’re learning and where you still need to improve. There are so many variables that you can’t control in the team setting. When you’re training, you’re in control of your development.
I want to be more confident. Can you help me?
Confidence is built through game speed repetition of skills. This is why our training philosophy starts with GO FAST. When you GO FAST, you’ll probably FAIL OFTEN. Your ability to create your own adversity, handle that adversity, and improve will build confidence. We don’t believe that we have the ability to give confidence to anyone. We can only hold them accountable and let their work build their confidence for them.
Who have you trained?
Honestly, we believe this is completely and totally irrelevant. Trainers love to “claim” players. They believe they are the reason that a player “made it.” That narrative bothers us. We will never be the reason that anyone “makes it.” We work with elite-level athletes that have accomplished things that not many people ever will. Of course, we have helped them in small ways. But 99% of their success is about their level of work and has absolutely nothing to do with us.

We believe every player is different and is on a completely different step in their journey from anyone else. There is no cookie-cutter plan. We’re all different and each person needs different things. The only thing that is common is the level of work required to achieve greatness.

You’ll see some of the players we work with on TV. We’re just not going to act like we “made” them. Because we didn’t.

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