• Using basketball, we educate to develop and expose greatness.
    Everyone has greatness inside them. In many instances that greatness is never exposed or maximized. We believe that knowledge is power.  We believe that working smart is just as important as working hard.
  • Using basketball, we love others and help them be their best.


  • Participants will discover who they are and learn strategies for growth.
    True growth is a journey. It’s hard to develop a plan for your journey until you know where you are now and where they are trying to go.


  • Provide holistic learning platform
    In today’s world, technology is not only everywhere but it constantly changes our lives.  Our platform takes advantage of technology to make things more convenient, more affordable, and more universal to any learning style.
  • Challenge craft mastery from basic building blocks
    It’s all about being great at the most basic things.  If you can’t master the basics, you can’t be a master. If you master the basics, you can be great at anything.
  • Build global community of networks
    We are all better when we do things together. Using technology and the game of basketball, we will bring the world closer together.