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    Success Isnt Pretty

    Let’s spread the message that success isn’t pretty. If you think success is pretty, then you’re seeing the tip of the iceberg. True success comes through failure after failure. True success comes after falling and getting up again when you thought you couldn’t.

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    Faith > Fear

    This is our most popular shirt. Get it while supplies last. Share our message with this Faith shirt.

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    Life and Love

    Because we have been loved unconditionally, we have been empowered to live our life recklessly.  We have a love behind us that will never fail us. So let’s move forward in each step of our lives, daring to more than even we thought possible.

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    Chase Excellence, Not Perfection

    We all have greatness inside us. We will never be perfect and we should never try to be.  Let’s discover greatness by chasing excellence, not perfection.