Can You Own It All The Time?

This is a big reason why coaches struggle.  They have a philosophy, but either they can’t or don’t know how to own it all the time. 

If you can’t own it and sell it all the time, then you might need to rethink it.  Remember, you can’t get mad at everything.  You can’t hold them accountable for everything.  You have to be ok losing with it too. Nobody likes losing but you have to accept losing as long as your team buys into your philosophy. Remember, you aren’t coaching a team full of elite players. They all have things to learn and improve at.  You have to keep things simple for them. If they progress then you can progress. 

Just remember if everything is important then nothing is important.

So we have to choose what is important and figure out how to make it important all the time. If it’s not important all the time, it’s not that important.

If defense is important, then you better practice it. If knowing your sets is important you better practice it.  If rebounding is important, it has to be important all the time.  But you don’t have time for everything to be important. More importantly your players don’t have the skills or IQ to be great at everything.  Can you own your basketball philosophy every minute of practice and every game no matter what?

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