Is your philosophy really yours?

Yes, there is no such thing as a new idea.  We all beg steal and borrow from other people.  But when we do that, why do we do it?  Because we saw Golden State do it in the Finals?  Or because we saw Coach K in a Nike Clinic? Or is it because we believe in it and it fits into what we already believe in. If it doesn’t fit into what you believe, it doesn’t matter how much you like it, you probably shouldn’t do it. 

It can’t be Coach K’s or your favorite coach’s philosophy. It has to be yours. Coach K isn’t running your practice every day.  Coach K isn’t having those conversations with your parents and players every day. 

You don’t have Coach K’s players. You aren’t playing against the ACC every night either.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t use your favorite coach’s philosophy, but you better believe in it, and it better be something you’re willing to live and die by. 

You really have to ask yourself, do I believe in it and will it work for my program/team and situation. 

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