Player Service Options

Small Group Training

We offer age and skill based groups for athletes starting at age 4 and up.  We teach fundamental skills with a high level of detail and accountability.  When players improve, we make things harder to challenge them more. 

Individual Training

Good things come to those who work

We offer one-on-one training for players to receive the maximum amount of attention and reps.  We recommend these sessions for the most elite athletes or players who want to focus on their shooting technique.  

Shooting Machine

I'm a Winner

Shoot 500 shots in 30 minutes or 1000 in an hour if you’re working hard.  There’s no more efficient way to really work on your shooting. We’ll help you with a plan to get the most out of each session as well as give you feedback.


Whether you’re looking to jump higher or have a more explosive first step, adding the Vertimax to your toolbox enhances your training in a completely different way. There’s no better training tool to help you be a better athlete.

Personal Training

We offer online and in-person strength and conditioning training.  These individualized workouts are specifically designed to help basketball players be better at basketball. Basketball athletes need different things from other sports and each athlete is different.  

3 on 3

Play Video

3 on 3 is the best way to teach players how to play the game.  This is only available to athletes who are training with us. If you aren’t dominant in 3 on 3, you’re not going to dominate when it’s 5 on 5. 

Team ICE

Right now, Team ICE is on ice.  We’ll bring it back eventually, but right now we don’t have the bandwidth for it.  If we can’t do it right, we aren’t going to do it.  

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