Gold Membership


  • Access to Hoops College Online Recruiting Course
  • 2 Hoops College T-shirts
  • Custom game plan creation
  • A personal recruiting guide who will connect you personally with coaches
  • Exposure advice
  • Unofficial and Official Visit advice
  • Access to sport scholarship proposals support
  • Verbal commitment & NLI support
  • SAT, ACT, & TOEFL guidance
  • NCAA & NAIA Clearinghouse guidance
  • Admissions support

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Gold Membership*

Pay Now Option: $2500 USD

Pay Later Option:  $500 USD to join, $3000 when you accept an offer or receive three different competitive offers**

Payment plans are possible.  Email us to get further details.

* Clients for this program must be approved by Hoops College prior to beginning. Hoops College limits the number of clients it will agree to work with each year so that these clients receive the highest level of support.

** Offer must be within the budget agreed upon prior to signing up for the program. The second fee is still due even if you don’t accept that offer or if you accept any other offer.


What happens after I pay? 

We will email you within 24 hours with access information to begin the program.

Do I have to be from America?

No, our services can be used by American and International athletes.

When should I start? 

The sooner you start your recruiting process the easier it will be for us to help secure opportunities for you. Every day you don’t take action is another day you are losing out to another athlete.

How will coaches contact me?

Your personal recruiting guide will reach out to coaches for you and connect you via email or text.

Will I get a scholarship? 

If we decide to take you as a client, you will receive a scholarship that will reduce your cost to a level at or below your agreed upon budget. We cannot guarantee full scholarships.

What if I accept an offer that is higher than my budget?

If you do not receive offers that are within your budget, but you choose to accept an offer outside of your budget, then you will receive a 25% discount off of the second fee.

If I don’t get coaches contacting me do I get a refund? 

The client understands the joining fee payment will be due prior to the program start date.

The client is entitled to a refund provided the client has paid the full-service fee in advance and if the client has not been connected with coaches.

The client understands connecting coaches to the client does not mean a scholarship will be guaranteed, more so the company guarantees you will be connected to college coaches.

If the client selected a Payment Plan, the initial joining payment is non-refundable. The Client will need to sign a contract with the same terms and conditions of this agreement for the offer received payment. The client is entitled to a full refund if they cancel their membership within 7 days from start date of when enrollment payment is made and if contact with coaches has not been established.



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