Basketball Recruiting 101


Basketball Recruiting 101 is a comprehensive step by step guide for student-athletes and parents who want a college basketball scholarship. Along with our guidance and feedback, we will show you the right way to get attention from college coaches and make good decisions in the recruiting process. You might think you need a recruiting service or someone else to do it because there’s no way you could ever learn how. This guide will not only teach you how, but we will help you with your specific situation, instead of assuming you’re just like everyone else.

Do you dream of playing basketball in college? Do you want to get yourself recruited but you just don’t know how? After 20+ years of college coaching experience & after helping numerous players get scholarships at every level, Hoops College wants to help YOU actually accomplish your DREAMS!

We will also provide evaluations of your game by current and former college coaches whose only agenda is to help you with your future.


Basketball Recruiting 101 Syllabus

Introduction to Recruiting

Preparing Yourself to be Recruited

Making a Decision


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