Shooting Machine Sessions

Some coaches say that shooting is the most important skill in the game. It’s for sure one of the hardest things to do in a game and it’s all about repetitions. We offer you the opportunity to make a lot of shots in a short amount of time. Instead of chasing rebounds, just get ready for your next shot. 

We aren’t going to let you waste your time.  We are going to be there to help you with your session. From helping you with your technique to giving you a plan on what you should do in your session, we want you to get better.

NOW AVAILABLE one-hour sessions


Cost Cost per Session
$30 $30
$110 $27.50
$200 $25
$240 $20

Pricing for One Hour Sessions

Cost Cost per Session
$55 $55
$200 $50
$360 $45
$450 $37.50