Summer Sessions at Hoops College

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We have had a lot of parents ask us about camps this summer.  We know the typical summer camps are a waste of time more than anything. They might be good babysitting but when it comes to improvement at basketball, they aren’t very helpful.  
We are focused on players getting better. If we thought camps would help them, we would do them all day every day.  
Having said that, the summer time is when a lot of players will make significant improvements. It isn’t because they spend time at camp.  It’s because they have more time to work on their skills and they take advantage of it. 
Would you like your child to make a significant jump with their basketball abilities this summer? 
We are going to have our regular evening sessions like we always do, but we’re also going to have sessions during the morning and afternoon as well.  If you would like your child to attend additional sessions during the summer, please complete the interest form below.  We will be in touch with details.
As always it’s important to us that kids be in groups that are appropriate for them.  That’s critical to the learning process.  We look forward to working with you and your child this summer.
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