Team ICE

Team ICE

What we’ve done

  • Hosted multiple college coaches in our gym to watch workouts and pickup
  • 7 players went somewhere to play this past season when everyone kept their eligibility
  • Helped more than 10 players get scholarship offers last spring and summer 
  • Most were paying to go to school or didn’t have scholarship offers previously
  • Helped a post player become a point guard and an All Region player
  • Turned a high motor rebounder into a 3 and D producer in one of the top JUCO conferences

What we’re going to do

  • Find 10 players that we can help find scholarships
  • Skill workouts
  • Shooting machine sessions
  • 12 practices per month
  • Minimum 3 days of team practice per week
  • Invite coaches to practices and workouts
  • Practice in March
  • Practices and tournaments in April and May
  • Film everything 
  • Make highlights and send them out to coaches
  • Recruiting assistance including online recruiting course

Cost: $300 includes tournaments, jersey and practices

$10 to join additional group training sessions or partner up with a teammate and get shots up

Register for a Tryout or Evaluation Session

Call or text 828-705-1382

DM on Instagram or Twitter @hoopscollege