Are you ever really ready?

Before you have a child, did you know what it was going to be like to be a parent?

Before you got married, did you know what it was going to be like to be married?

Before you were the boss, did you know what it was like to have employees?

Before you went to college, were you really ready to go to college?

I could go on and on with different events in our lives that everyone experiences for the first time. Many times, even the second or third time is vastly different from the first one.  We are never really ready to do new things.  We can try to be as prepared as possible. But there are always things that we didn’t see coming.  There are always things that we thought were going to be one way, but they turned out differently.

For us, basketball is just another way for us to help kids learn how to handle new situations and adversity.  If they can learn it when they are young, they will be so much better prepared to handle it when they get older.  As much as we try, we’ll never protect them from adversity.  The more we try to protect them, the less able they are to handle it.

We understand our training sessions might be overwhelming for most kids when they come in for the first time.  That’s ok.  Most of them adapt, learn, and get better.

3 on 3 is another one of our ways to present them with adversity and watch them learn how to handle it.  We don’t care if they mess up. We don’t care how good or bad they are.  It’s all just another learning experience to help them improve.

If they have never done it, your child is not ready to play a game of basketball.  Even if they have done it, they probably won’t be ready to play in our environment, because it is going to be a completely different experience from what they are used to. We’ve had “experienced” players truly struggle in our environment.  We expect inexperienced players to struggle.  The struggle is what fosters growth and development.

If your child has never played 3 on 3 with us, they should. If they don’t know what to do, they will learn. These kids, no matter what age, are smart as long as we let them be smart.  We handicap them more than we should. If they have played and they had a “bad experience”, why was it bad? Do they understand they won’t be good the first time they try to do something?

Players who think they have it all figured out quickly realize they don’t, because the truth is that none of us do.

We weren’t ready to build a website but we figured it out. We weren’t ready to build our own gym, but we figured it out.  We weren’t ready to run a business, but we are figuring it out.  There are so many things that we want to do that we don’t know how to do yet.  We will figure it out.  Will it be smooth and pretty? Probably not. But that’s life.

We don’t know much about anything except basketball, but we know about basketball. We’ve played it or coached it for over 75% of our lives.  We know what it takes to get better whether you’re a 5 year old beginner or a high level college player.

We are not chefs.  We aren’t ready to make a high end meal. We aren’t doctors. We can’t diagnose medical issues.  We aren’t mechanics.  If your car isn’t running, we probably can’t help you.

If it has to do with basketball though, we know. And if we don’t, we know how to find out. When you come to see us, we are experts and we love our athletes and love helping them improve.

This is not a side hustle or a hobby. We are all about one thing. We want to help basketball players get better.  If you or your child is serious about getting better at basketball, we can help you.  We can tell you what to do.  We can tell you what not to do.  We can tell you what you should run toward and what you should run away from. We can’t do it for you, but we know what it takes.

We are ready.

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