Attack Dribble

Attack Dribble (North-South Dribble) is the first layer of the Read and React Offense. This layer is broken down into two sub-layers.  The first sublayer, Circle Movement, describes movement on all NON-BASELINE drives.  The second sub-layer covers the adjustment to Circle Movement for any BASELINE penetration. We will discuss each sub-layer in great detail.

There is no saving the best for last here. Players and teams must learn and embrace the value of this layer to run good offense.  Players must refine their thinking that penetration is purely a means of scoring. Instead, dribble penetration must be a seen as part of creating and executing offense.  Everyone knows that passing and screening are part of good offensive strategy. Dribble penetration is a way to create scoring opportunities as well.


Players without the ball must also view penetration as an opportunity for them to score as opposed to watching the ball handler. Many times “scorers” are the most aggressive penetrators.  Encourage scorers to score.  However, scorers must learn how they create for their teammates when they attack North and South.  An individual’s ability to score is always valuable to the success of any team. An individual’s ability to create scoring opportunities for others can be just as valuable. It is difficult to create those opportunities if a player can’t score, but they don’t have to be an elite scorer to get their teammates open opportunities.

A player’s ability to create these opportunities and make appropriate decisions will help the team identify and take advantage of defenses that are out of position, which will inevitably lead to easy scoring opportunities for everyone. On the same note, players who do not see themselves as scorers or playmakers may not actively look to attack off the dribble.  Players must learn that it is not required for them to completely beat their defender.  They only need to make the off-ball defenders make a small commitment in order to get their teammate open.

Other Positives

This small bit of aggressiveness can lead to other positive outcomes. Teams will shoot more free throws and create foul trouble for the other team.  Less aggressive players can have more confidence that they can be aggressive. They know they will have available outlets if the defense collapses or they feel uncomfortable trying to score.

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