Chase Excellence, Not Perfection

chase excellence not perfection

We think it’s critical to chase excellence, not perfection. I think perfectionism is something we as a society don’t understand very well. To me, perfectionism is a true double-edged sword. It gives high achievers the obsessive drive to work insanely hard & be hyper-focused on becoming the best. But, it is also what keeps them […]

Thank You, Basketball

Thank You

Thank you, Basketball. You’re a silly game that has given me more than I ever dreamed possible. You’re my passion, my love, my calling, my platform, my purpose and you’re a beautiful game to me.

Is Hard Work Enough?

Is Hard Work Enough? I’m sure a lot of you put in a lot of hard work. I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the 10,000-hour rule at mastering a new skill. Well if you haven’t, it’s basically the idea that it takes doing something for 10,000-hours to become an expert at it […]

Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes What does “whatever it takes” even mean? How many of you say you want to play Division 1 college basketball? How many of you say you want a “free ride?” (Side Note: This phrase makes me SMH. If you ever get the opportunity to play on a full athletic scholarship you will […]

Don’t Get Bamboozled

Getting recruited is such an exciting process. Along with all of the excitement comes confusion and organizations that prey on people during this time, so please DON’T GET BAMBOOZLED.

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