Getting recruited is such an exciting process, but DON’T GET BAMBOOZLED. It is a time that allows you to feel all of your blood, sweat, and tears pay off. It’s what gives you clarity and a renewed vigor and passion to push yourself harder to make your dreams come true because they are closer now than ever before. It’s meeting new people, having conversations that challenge and push you and it’s thinking about your future in ways that you never have. Along with all of the excitement comes confusion and organizations that prey on people during this time, so please DON’T GET BAMBOOZLED.

Amateur sports have turned into a multi-BILLION dollar industry. Many times people are looking to exploit kids and their parents by playing on the fear that they don’t know what it takes to get recruited and that they “need help” or that more specifically “they can’t do it on their own.” 


Our mission at Hoops College is to EDUCATE you and your family to develop and expose your greatness. We will make you aware of the pitfalls that happen when you are not prepared. We will help you discover your level and find the best fit for you so that you are happy and can enjoy your college career. When you make informed decisions along the way and DON’T GET BAMBOOZLED by trainers, travel coaches, recruiting services, college coaches etc., you will have a peace and confidence that the process will work for you.

So, we have provided a list of things so you DON’T GET BAMBOOZLED during the process. They are not in a particular order and there are probably some things that we have forgotten; but you’ll get the point!

*These things have been actually said out loud. We aren’t making them up.

Not all coaches and trainers are bad, but DON’T GET BAMBOOZLED by people who…


We hope some of these made you laugh and others made you think. At Hoops College, our desire and passion is to INFORM our clients about the recruiting process through breaking down the myths and exposing the truth. We are


honest with you about the underlying messages that people are sending you during the process, especially college coaches. With our help, you will take control of the process and not feel like you are just a pawn in the game. You will learn lessons from our experiences and our perspectives. We want celebrate in your successes, fight with you through your disappointments and most importantly help you design a process to take control of your future.

We have worked with some awesome players and people already. Are you next?

Start your process today so you DON’T GET BAMBOOZLED.


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