“You have to choose to be alone
If you’re going to change the world.
Whenever you decide to become yourself
You become lonely
Because everyone around you
Wants you to be like them
Or they want you to be them
So when you discover that you are unique
You are special
You are important
And you decide to become who you are
And achieve what you were dreaming
Loneliness is the rеsult.”

Caleb Gordon – Lonely

We choose lonely. We say it all the time. We are not the same.  And I guess everyone can say that to an extent. The difference is in the choices we have made and continue to make.  The difference is in the process we follow and the results we achieve.

The facts are the facts.  We choose to sacrifice in ways that most people never will.  We choose to love people in ways that many people can’t.  We love through truth because we know ourselves.  We know who and what we are.  We know who and what we aren’t. We know what we want to be.  We aren’t trying to do anything else or be anyone else. Our lives will never be defined by someone else’s thoughts or opinions.  We choose to to be lonely because we believe this world needs to change.

We fall into a category where everyone is the same.  If you spend much time around us, you realize that we are not the same at all. We live different. We act different.  We train different.  Our results are different for those who really get on board.

The problem is that getting on board means you have to realize that you have to choose to be lonely. Most people don’t want to be lonely.  They don’t want to spend time in a cocoon until they turn into a butterfly.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 15.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert.  Where you are on your journey is irrelevant.  The requirements are the same.  If you want to achieve your dreams, you have to be willing to say no.  You have to make people mad.  You have to turn your back to the crowd.  You won’t have very many friends because what you’re trying to achieve most people won’t ever achieve.  They want to achieve it.  But there will always be reasons why.  This person’s fault.  That person’s fault.  Or society, or the President, or this circumstance or that.

I didn’t say everything would go perfectly every step of the way.  In fact, I promise it won’t.  But when you’re sold out to your dream, nothing will get in your way.  Unfortunately, you’re not sold out to it.  You make choices in your life that don’t line up with your goals. It’s not unusual.  In fact, it’s very common.

If you’re so focused and locked in on what you want, you’ll choose different.  You will choose lonely. If you don’t, you don’t really want it that bad.  And that’s ok.  But just admit it.  Just be honest with yourself.  It will change your life.

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