From what I can tell there are 3 types of people in this world.  Crazy, normal, and lazy. Crazy is better than lazy. Normal is ok I guess, but it’s just boring.

For the last 6 months, we knew a lot of our clients looked at us like we were crazy. For weeks, we were telling them that we were going to have a new facility. We were telling them that we were going to have a full-court of hardwood floors and a higher ceiling. I’m sure in their minds they were like “Yeah, right.” I mean why would they believe us? We weren’t even sure how it was going to happen. We just knew that it would.

The truth is that this probably isn’t the first time they have heard someone make an outrageous claim. And then when you hear it over and over again, you’re thinking. It’s like these people are nuts.

They are right. We are. You have to be nuts to do what we’re doing. Not only do you have to be crazy, I think you have to be ok with it.

When we think about the last 6 months, there were a lot of people who didn’t believe. Some said it out loud. Others didn’t have to say it, we could tell. The thing is that we’re crazy enough that it didn’t matter. It didn’t motivate us more, because we couldn’t be more determined to make this happen.

Here we are, about to open up a new facility, and we haven’t even come close to “arriving”. The truth is that the journey has just begun.

When you describe someone as crazy, what does that mean?  Obsessive? Driven? Motivated? Delusional? Passionate? Creative? Mentally Deranged? Extremely enthusiastic? In an unlikely position? Absurdly out of place? Extremely annoyed or angry?  Foolish?

That’s us.  All of them. If you don’t believe me, pick one. We can tell you multiple stories about just how crazy we are. Crazy has such a negative connotation. Well, that’s all about perspective and that’s all relative. To us, crazy is better than lazy.

Crazy makes us think in ways that aren’t “politically correct.” It makes us say things that don’t exactly “build relationships.” It makes us do things that most “sane” people would never do.

If we really admit it, we’re all crazy. So many people are scared of it or they run away from it. Crazy is a good thing. We don’t mean serial killer status.  We just think we all have craziness inside us. And if we embrace it, we can do some pretty crazy things.

Some people repress it so much that it makes them lazy. It turns into talk and not action. I think we all have something inside us that we’re taught to repress because, in reality, someone else is trying to hold us back. Let the crazy person out. Let it breathe, give it life, and see what happens. You might be surprised.

The really crazy thing is that we are learning to embrace this craziness.  It’s not that we don’t care about people or relationships.  But you’re going to be on our level or we probably won’t get along.  If you’re not on our level, we’ll help you try to be better, but you probably won’t like it very much. We won’t mistreat you.  We are going to care about you. We are just going to be honest with you, and we aren’t not going to care very much about how you feel about it. Caring about you and caring about how you feel are different. We are going to choose the former instead of the latter and we are not going to apologize for it.

We don’t do well with second place.  We don’t like staying the same or being comfortable. We weren’t made to be mediocre. So be crazy with us or don’t. But just know what you’re going to get with us.

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