Parent of a Prospective College Basketball Player,

Thanks for reaching out to us.  I know we probably talk a little differently than most people.  It’s because our experience and our approach are very different.
Honestly, playing college basketball is not very hard to do. We’ve been around the game for a long time. We could tell you stories for days.
In today’s world, playing basketball in college is not that hard to do. There are lots of opportunities to do that. For us, the question is so much bigger than that.  It’s about finding a good fit and having a good experience.  Your child is young enough that they have time to set themselves up for that in the future.  But as much money as you can spend, the decisions you all make as a family about how they spend their time are going to be much more important. You can always make more money.  You can’t get your time back.
Our clients will tell you that we are very honest with them.  We don’t put sugar on it or tell them what they want to hear.  But to us, the truth is love and that’s how we love the people we work with. It’s the only thing we know.
It’s because we aren’t only interested in what it takes to be a good basketball player.  We are more interested in being truly elite people and helping our athletes do the same.  The ones who work the way we think about it get the results they are looking for.
Most people don’t know what that is when it comes to this game and the business. But we’ve seen it and lived it. From what we’ve experienced, the majority of players (boys or girls) don’t get what they truly need to be elite.  But then when they face the reality of what it takes, most of them choose good instead of great, because the sacrifices of greatness require too much.

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