Full Game Video

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Full Game Video

Full Game videos should have the following qualities:

  • Good quality video.  If the video is shaky or you’re hard to see in the picture, then you shouldn’t use it. If coaches have a hard time seeing you or watching it, they won’t watch it.
  • Camera angle should be from center court and from a decent height.  Court level video is hard to watch.
  • The camera angle should be wide enough to see half court. Coaches like to see the whole play develop but also see a player closely enough to evaluate them.
  • The camera should be focused.
  • If a phone is used as a camera, it should be on a tripod and sideways.  If the phone is straight up and down, the angle is poor and it makes the video hard to watch.
  • The video should be continuous.
  • A least 1 full game. Some coaches may ask for multiple full game videos if they are interested in you.
  • Coaches want to watch you play against good competition.  They don’t want to watch you score 25 points against a bad team or bad competition.
  • Coaches will watch how you act when you’re not in the game as well.  Many scholarship opportunities have been lost by bad behavior on the bench.

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