Faith & Fear

Faith is in a constant battle with fear. In other words, both of them are monsters that we can choose to starve or feed. One is a good monster and one is an evil one. Neither of them will ever go away completely. In addition, they provide us with decisions that we have the opportunity to make every day. Inevitably, our choices will feed each one of those monsters every day.  The more we starve the evil monster, and the more feed the good one, the better we will be. We have to answer these questions every day.  What do we choose?

  1. Are we afraid we might get fired?
  2. Do we lead our teams fearlessly?
  3. Are we afraid of losing?
  4. Do we allow them to take chances? 
  5. Are we afraid of being rejected? 
  6. Do we take chances?
  7. Are we afraid of failure? 
  8. Are we afraid someone won’t like us? 

There’s nothing wrong with being afraid. The mistake is when we let that fear darken our faith. Fear is that thing that keeps us from taking that step. Faith is the courage to take the step. Fear is the thing that keeps us from taking chances. Faith is the courage to take a chance with the understanding that even failure is an opportunity to learn. Fear is the thing that keeps us from working hard because we might fail. Faith says work hard even if you do fail because failure is great. Fear is the thing that makes us make poor decisions. Faith gives us the courage to make good decisions even if they aren’t easy ones.

We hope that today you operate from a perspective of faith. Furthermore, make more decisions out of faith than out of fear. Finally, share that message with your family, friends, players and strangers. If we help you be a little bit better, and you help someone else be a little bit better, eventually the whole world will be a lot better.


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