Making Adjustments

Coaches are judged fairly or not by their ability to make adjustments during games.

Sometimes we think we shouldn’t adjust. Is it because our team can’t make the adjustment?  Is it because the other team will take advantage of the adjustment?  Is it because player who would be would benefit most from the adjustment is injured or in foul trouble?

Sometimes we might not be able to adjust. Maybe we haven’t practiced the adjustment. Maybe we don’t have the personnel to adjust the way we would prefer. Maybe we want to be able to talk about it first in a timeout but a using timeout isn’t worth it at that moment in the game.

Sometimes we make an adjustment and it works. Isn’t it great when our team makes us look good?

Sometimes we try to make a change and it doesn’t work. How many times do you call a play and the other team changes defenses? Have you ever tried to adjust and your team just doesn’t execute?

    1. When do you adjust?
    2. What adjustments can you make?
    3. What happens when playing hard isn’t enough?
    4. Does your team believe in the adjustments that you make?
    5. Are your adjustments things you prepare for in practice?

We want to help you figure out how you can make better adjustments.


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