Recruiting Service Review Part 1

Many athletes and their families think they need a recruiting service in order to get a scholarship. This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Over the next 5 episodes, we will share with you why you don’t need them and even more why they are a waste of money.

Reason #1A: Profiles

Many recruiting services will build a profile for you.  You probably think this is something special.  Let’s be honest, you already have a profile even if you don’t realize it.  More importantly, that’s the profile that most coaches are going to care about. Go to Google and type in your name.  There is your profile.  Does your Instagram page come up?  Does your Twitter page come up?  Do you have videos on YouTube that coaches can watch?  Keep in mind all of this is free.  It’s pretty easy to give college coaches any information that they need about via social media.  Having a recruiting service create a pretty webpage for you might be nice, but it’s really not necessary.

Not to mention, if it really is that important to have a “profile” or a webpage, there are lots of FREE services out there that will let you create a webpage. They are REALLY easy to use. In addition, you know yourself better than they do. You can represent yourself better than anyone else can. If you’re serious about your recruitment, get your information together and get it online.

Reason #1B: Connecting you with Colleges

Ok so now that you have a webpage or a profile or whatever, these recruiting services are going to tell you that they will connect you with THOUSANDS of college coaches all over the US.  That might be true.  The real truth is that you’re already connected to them.  Every single college in the US has a webpage.  Most of them have a webpage about their athletic department with email addresses and phone numbers of coaches.  In many cases they will post their social media information as well. Even if that information isn’t posted, you can find them pretty easily.  You can connect with any college coach that has an email address or social media.  You don’t need anyone to do that for you. Not to mention that many times recruiting service emails go to junk folders or just get deleted completely.

Here are links to almost every athletic program in the US.  Of course it’s important that you represent yourself well. You want to make a good first impression. If we can help you make sure you make a good first impression, let us know.

NCAA Schools

NAIA Schools

NJCAA Schools

USCAA Schools

NCCAA Schools

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