Recruiting Service Review Part 4

In Part 4 of the recruiting services review, we are going to talk about their lack of effort and expertise in evaluating talent. Recruiting services love sending emails that say that “this player can play for your program.” First of all, I have never received a phone call from ANY recruiting service asking me what I’m looking for in a player.  So how can a recruiting service recommend a player to me if they don’t know what I’m looking for? From what I can tell they are too busy selling their “services”.

Technology Can’t Evaluate

Some recruiting services boast about their use of technology to match players to programs.  Technology is good for a lot of things. However, this is not one of them. At least not yet. If technology could evaluate players and match them to a basketball program, there wouldn’t be a need for highlight videos and evaluation events.  Coaches wouldn’t need to spend thousands of dollars in travel and other expenses attending showcases to watch players compete. Even with scouting services, coaches still want to evaluate players themselves. Not to mention, scouting services usually only have detailed evaluations and rankings on the top 250 players.  What about everyone else?

They Can’t Evaluate

After this podcast, I might get a phone call or two from recruiting services just to see what I’m looking for. Here’s the next problem, can I really trust them to really evaluate talent? If they haven’t coached at multiple college levels, how can they really know where a player fits? Not to mention, can they fit a specific player to a specific program. I’m trying to win championships.  I don’t want players who can just “play for us”. After getting emails day after day about players that are not good enough to really impact our program, the emails get ignored or deleted.  That’s what you’re paying for.  I hope you think it’s worth it.


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