The Reality of a Redshirt Opportunity

In the recruiting process, you might be offered the opportunity to redshirt. Some coaches will be very honest and upfront about how this works. Others may not be as honest. At the end of the day, college basketball is a business. In many cases, colleges and universities use their athletic programs to fund many other programs. When coaches recruit you to be a redshirt, this could be just another number for admissions.  It could mean that you’re going to get to play the next year, You have to remember that coaches will always try to recruit over you.

This episode will discuss some of the realities of being a redshirt player. That might be a great option for you. Everyone understands that they don’t get to play.  However in order to turn that redshirt year into something better the next year, you will need to do more than everyone else.  We want to help you be good enough to not even need to redshirt your first year.

We want to keep you from wasting money with services that don’t do you any good and help you ask the right questions in the recruiting process so that you understand exactly what you’re getting into. Moreover, we want you to have multiple options so you can make an informed decision about what you want.

Take ownership and control of your process today.  Ask us questions so we can help you.

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