You gotta put the ball in the basket. The game is called basketball.  The objective is to put the ball in the basket.  So simply said, yet for most teams, they achieve this objective on less than 50% of their attempts.  Mix in the occasional turnover and it happens on less than 50% of possessions.  The concepts, ideas, and philosophies presented in this blog are only meant to generate opportunities for players to take good shots.  It does not mean the shots will go in.

A couple of examples. You can always find lots more that are similar to this.

Game 1:  Team A beats Team B by 3. Team A shoots 46 shots. Team B misses 50 shots.

Game 2:  Team A beats Team B by 11.  Team A shoots 55 shots.  Team B misses 57 shots.

Some of these missed shots were open shots.  Some were contested.  Some were good shots and some were bad shots.

Yes, Team B could have had fewer turnovers.

Of course, Team B could have played better defense.

Maybe Team B could have been more aggressive to try to draw more fouls.

There are always a lot of different things that losing teams could have done better in order to win a game.

At some point, coaching doesn’t matter anymore.

At some point, players just have to put the ball in the basket.

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