Recruiting Services Review Conclusion

Recruiting Services Review Conclusion In our recruiting services review conclusion, it is important to understand that things are always changing. Technology especially has changed everything in recruiting. 15 years ago Facebook Instagram and Twitter weren’t even a thing. In 15 more years who knows what things will be like. Right now people who think you […]

Recruiting Services Review Part 3

Recruiting Services Review Part 3 In the Recruiting Services Review Part 3, we talk about part of the lack of education that these services provide. The first couple of episodes in this series talked about things you can do for yourself better than someone else can do them for you. However, any service, no matter […]

The People Who Aren’t on Your Page

The People Who Aren’t on Your Page There are a lot of people out there who aren’t on your page.  The problem with a lot of you is that you don’t even know what page you’re on.  You’re listening to other people who are trying to get you on their page instead of really taking […]

Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes What does “whatever it takes” even mean? How many of you say you want to play Division 1 college basketball? How many of you say you want a “free ride?” (Side Note: This phrase makes me SMH. If you ever get the opportunity to play on a full athletic scholarship you will […]

Don’t Get Bamboozled

Getting recruited is such an exciting process. Along with all of the excitement comes confusion and organizations that prey on people during this time, so please DON’T GET BAMBOOZLED.

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