Chase Excellence, Not Perfection

chase excellence not perfection

We think it’s critical to chase excellence, not perfection. I think perfectionism is something we as a society don’t understand very well. To me, perfectionism is a true double-edged sword. It gives high achievers the obsessive drive to work insanely hard & be hyper-focused on becoming the best. But, it is also what keeps them […]

Can Someone Help Me Understand?

Can someone help me understand? For most of my life, I have been pretty much secluded from the mainstream. Growing up in a secluded rural town before the internet, I didn’t really know much about the world. Then for the next half of my life being in environments that very few people get to experience, […]

Consistency is the Key to Success

Tiera Thompson

Consistency is the key to success in anything, not just basketball.  But we love basketball so that’s what we like to talk about. 

Let Them Fail

Why don’t we let them fail?  Why do we pretend that our kids aren’t human?  Why do we try to protect them from the struggle? The truth is we all fail, we all struggle, and we are all human. Pretending like we are anything else makes the fall even harder when it inevitably happens. If […]

Basketball Near Me

When I go to Google and I search Basketball Near Me, I shake my head. When I think about all of the wasted time and money spent with these “organizations”, it makes me question whether what we’re doing is beneficial. When I think about what we do and how we do things, I know that […]

The Narrative about AAU

basketball training is work

So the narrative about AAU is very prevalent. The idea is that you have to play “AAU” or travel basketball to get recruited. We’ll look at that as well as the idea that playing in high school is a waste of time. If you don’t care about getting recruited, stop reading.  This doesn’t apply to you. […]

It’s Political


“It’s political”. It’s something we hear so often. Could it be true? ABSOLUTELY. Here’s what you can do about it so that it doesn’t matter anymore.

Overusing Ball Screens

New Beginnings

The ball screen has become a very popular offensive strategy in the game of basketball. In many situations, coaches are overusing ball screens. Just because it looks good on paper, or just because it looks good on TV, doesn’t mean it will work for your team. Mastered by the duo of John Stockton and Karl Malone, […]

Keeping Things Simple

close up shot of scrabble tiles on a white surface

When basketball teams present you with complicated situations, the best way to respond is by keeping things simple. An opponent played a true matchup zone against us. These defenses can give teams problems to offenses. It can be difficult to play against a match-up zone because players aren’t used to playing against it. Zone offenses […]

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