Attack Dribble Multiple Actions

Attack Dribble Multiple Actions This post will cover the attack dribble with 2 or more actions. Because we haven’t taught any more of the offense, the best way to teach multiple actions is to have 3 or more players on the court.  When we start to teach other parts of the offense, we will able […]

Points of Emphasis (Attack Dribble)

Points of Emphasis (Attack Dribble) Initiator (Attacker/Ball Handler) Drive to Create Offense At the point that player comes in possession of the ball, they should look at the basket.  Their first question that they have to answer is “Do I shoot?”  This is a question of shot selection which will be addressed in another post. […]

Attack Dribble Layer

Attack Dribble Attack Dribble (North-South Dribble) is the first layer of the Read and React Offense. This layer is broken down into two sub-layers.  The first sublayer, Circle Movement, describes movement on all NON-BASELINE drives.  The second sub-layer covers the adjustment to Circle Movement for any BASELINE penetration. We will discuss each sub-layer in great detail. […]

Circle Movement Introduction

Circle Movement Circle Movement is the term to describe what players without the ball should do when the ball is driven.  Simply it means that when the ball is driven towards the basket all perimeter players must rotate in the same direction that the ball is driven. In other words, they move in a circle […]

Defense Wins Championships, Right?

Defense Wins Championships, Right? Defense is just as important if not more important than offense. It really does win championships. As much as I believe that we should let players play the game in this style on the offensive end, I believe more strongly that successful teams play good defense. I believe this style of […]

Dribble First

Dribble First Bob Knight once said that he would like to take his guards to an island with 1,000 basketballs and tell them to dribble until there was no air left in the balls so that when they came back they would be tired of dribbling. That’s not an exact quote, but it’s close; you […]

Outline the Basics for Read & React

This post will provide an outline of the basics for Read & React style of play. Players can start in a 5-out, 4-out 1-in, or 3-out 2-in alignment.  The 3-out and 5-out alignments use the same spots for player landmarks. The spots in a 4 out are very similar except that the top spot is split […]

Why Use the Read & React Framework

Why Use This Framework Admittedly, coaching in the Read & React framework is significantly different from coaching from traditional systems. While the change may seem difficult at first, it can liberating and powerful for players and coaches. There are numerous advantages to playing this style of basketball. Emphasis on Offensive Team Fundamentals Spacing Player Movement […]

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