Gaining a Defensive Advantage in BLOB Situations


We mentioned in the last episode teams have a defensive advantage when the ball is out of bounds on the baseline.

  1. The inbounder can’t dribble or score. It is about being in good position, defending cuts and screens.
  2. The backboard defends part of the court, part of the court is difficult to pass to
  3. It is 4 on 5. You have an extra defender because you don’t have to guard the ball.

What are the different ways to take advantage of the extra defender?

  1. Ball Pressure.  Impact their vision. Make it hard for them to see open players.
  2. Inside the inbounder. Parallel to the side trying to force strong side pass & protect the basket.
  3. Outside the inbounder. Take away strong side pass and trust defense at the rim.
  4. Double Team the other team’s best player. Make someone else beat you.
  5. Help & Tag. Stay or Switch.
  6. On ball in a zone.
  7. Off ball in a zone.

Why do so many teams lose this advantage?

  1. Players don’t know how to defend when the ball is below them.
  2. Teams need to spend more time practicing these situations.
  3. Teams need competitive ways to practice them.
  4. Players don’t know what they are supposed to do.  They just know they aren’t supposed to give up a layup.

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