Coach: One Definition

What is your definition of coach? Have you ever thought about where our current use of the word coach came from?

Relentless Life, Loved Unconditionally (Episode 22)

Relentless Life, Loved Unconditionally Are you living a relentless life? Do you realize that you are loved unconditionally? I find a lot of people wandering through life. “What is My Purpose? Why am I here?  What am I doing?”  A lot of those people are “grown up already.”  Sometimes I act like one of those people. I […]

Winning a National Championship ft. Jennifer King (Episode 20)

Winning a National Championship Winning a national championship is the goal of every college basketball player. Coach Jennifer King led Johnson & Wales to its first national championship in any sport. She shares her perspectives on what it took to reach the pinnacle of success this season. Was winning a national championship something you talked […]

Mission, Vision, Purpose (Episode 13)

Hoops College Mission Vision & Purpose Mission Using basketball, we educate to develop and expose greatness. Hoops College believes that there is greatness in everyone.  However, many people hold themselves back. In addition, there are tons of rumors and bad information that are almost accepted as truth because they have been going around for so […]

Communicate With Your Team During Games (Episode 12)

Communicate With Your Team During Games Coaches often use timeouts as opportunities to communicate with their teams, but there are many other opportunities and ways to communicate without calling a timeout. There are at least 50 dead balls in every game. Are you taking full advantage of these dead ball opportunities to communicate with your […]

Why Should You Call Timeout? (Episode 11)

Why Should You Call A Timeout? Every timeout is precious.  We have a limited number of timeouts so we must choose to use them wisely. Every coach has their own philosophy about why you call a timeout, but we want to challenge you to think about why you call them. Do you call them for […]

Team Building in the Off Season ft. Jimmy Garrity (Episode 10)

Team Building We all want our teams to have good chemistry. Most coaches want them to become better people off the court as well as on the court.  Coach Garrity at Wofford University discusses a team building program that he uses with his team. Tell us about what you do in the off season to […]

Gaining Buy-In ft. Gayle Coats Fulks (Episode 9)


Gaining Buy-In Coach Gayle Coats Fulks of Davidson College talks about gaining buy-in from her new team at a program that had not seen a lot of recent success. Is it important to you that your team “buys-in”? Is it important to your players that they “buy-in”? What does buy-in look like to you or […]

Changing My Team’s Identity ft. Brenda Mock Kirkpatrick, (Episode 8)


Changing My Team’s Identity Every team will develop their own identity whether you want them to or not.  It is up to coaches to shape and focus those energies appropriately. Coach Mock arrived at UNC Asheville and the program had a culture that she wanted to change.  She discusses how her program evolved into a […]

What Do My Players Think I Think Is Important? (Episode 7)


What Do My Players Think I Think Is Important? Do you know what is important for you and your team? Have you ever felt like you and your players weren’t on the same page? It seems like your team just doesn’t think what you say or do matters. You’re probably right, but then you have […]