What Do My Players Think I Think Is Important?

Do you know what is important for you and your team? Have you ever felt like you and your players weren’t on the same page? It seems like your team just doesn’t think what you say or do matters. You’re probably right, but then you have to decide what to do. You could just kick everyone off and start over next year, but let’s examine ourselves first to see what we can do better.

The truth is that everything you say and do matters to them. The problem is if you’re trying to say or do too much, they get confused.  Keep it simple and make it easier on yourself and everyone else.

Decide on your priorities

  1. Pick something.
  2. It can’t be everything, otherwise it is nothing.
  3. It has to be something, otherwise it is everything.
  4. Less is more.

Communicate your priorities

  1. Words
  2. What gets emphasized in practice
  3. How you spend your time in practice
  4. How you react to success or failure in game situations
  5. Who gets to play in games

Ask them what they think you think is important.

Ask them why they think you think it is important.

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