Communicate With Your Team During Games

Coaches often use timeouts as opportunities to communicate with their teams, but there are many other opportunities and ways to communicate without calling a timeout. There are at least 50 dead balls in every game.

  1. Are you taking full advantage of these dead ball opportunities to communicate with your team?
  2. What other opportunities or strategies can you use to help foster communication without calling timeout?
  3. Can you make a substitution instead of calling a timeout send a message to one player or the rest of the team?
  4. How do you implement your systems and philosophies in practice?
  5. How can you foster communication between the players on your team?
  6. Is it better for you to tell a player something or have another player give that player the message?
  7. Do you talk with your staff and the players who are not in the game?
  8. What are you trying to tell your team?
  9. Is it timely?
  10. Is it digestable in the time that they have?
  11. Communicating to the players without the ball or not guarding the ball can be just as effective.


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