Recruiting Services Review Conclusion

In our recruiting services review conclusion, it is important to understand that things are always changing. Technology especially has changed everything in recruiting. 15 years ago Facebook Instagram and Twitter weren’t even a thing. In 15 more years who knows what things will be like. Right now people who think you need a recruiting service are people who grew up without a cell phone. They grew up without having instant access to information. You’re in a different generation. Everything you need is just a google search away.

The truth is coaches can find out about just as easily as you can find out about them. So instead of worrying about wasting money on a recruiting service, take the time to make sure your “profile” doesn’t expose you. Make sure you’re in shape. Make sure you’re the best player you can be. Eat the right foods. Get the right amount of sleep. Make good grades. Seems simple doesn’t it? 

Then do your research.  Find schools and programs that fit you.  Reach out to them and make them like you.

Most of you won’t do it because you want someone else to do it for you. If you think a recruiting service or a trainer or anyone else is the answer, well you should probably unfollow us. We are here to help people who are serious about helping themselves because that’s how you truly survive in life.

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